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内布拉斯加州卫斯理大学 has changed significantly in size and appearance since its founding in 1887, but it has remained steadfast to the principles of a liberal arts education in an environment of Christian concern. Nebraska Wesleyan is proud of its heritage and affiliation to the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church. The University embraces students, 教师 and staff of all denominations and beliefs.


The University Minister serves as the campus pastor and is available for personal counseling, religious and vocational counseling and spiritual guidance. Chapel services are held on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in Miller Chapel, located on the first floor of Old Main.

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Following recent discussions in the United Methodist Church about human sexuality, University Minister 爱德华多Bousson and I offer to the 内布拉斯加州卫斯理大学 community and friends our communications of February 28, 2019, 关于这件事. I also share with you the following:



Standing with our LGBTQ Community

Dear 内布拉斯加州卫斯理大学 Students, Faculty, and Staff,

星期二晚上, 2月26日, 2019, an extraordinary General Conference (world-wide meeting) of the United Methodist Church concluded in St. 路易斯,密苏里州. Our own University Minister 爱德华多Bousson was there.

作为南吴校长, I am extremely disappointed that by a modest majority the delegates to this global United Methodist Church meeting chose to make no better and potentially make worse the existing marginalization of LGBTQ people among United Methodists. St的决定. Louis preserved a statement that homosexuality is incompatible with Christianity, kept a ban on LGBTQ persons serving in United Methodist ministry, kept a ban on United Methodist clergy performing same sex unions, and for the first time instituted penalties for varying from these exclusionary positions.

致我们珍爱的学生, 教师, 以及LGBTQ员工, I want you to know that this sad choice will have no effect on our firm commitment and our active practice at 内布拉斯加州卫斯理大学 of including all people equally in our community, without regard to sexual or gender identity and expression.

让我重复一遍, just so that there is no doubt, that today just as much as yesterday 内布拉斯加州卫斯理大学 has an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. That unwavering commitment encompasses the whole rainbow of how people live and identify themselves as sexual beings.

We stand firmly by our 核心价值观 of Community and 多样性. Those values commit us to love and embrace all of humankind. 作为一个基督徒, 我深信我们的主, 耶稣基督, has called me always to love and serve all people and never to hold myself above anyone else. Just as NWU is standing firmly in this regard, so are other universities and colleges that are in relationship with the United Methodist Church standing firmly.

If you have any questions or concerns 关于这件事, I urge you to bring them to Eduardo or me. We are available at any time to be in conversation with you on any aspect of such an important matter.



Response to the United Methodist General Conference
Eduardo Bousson, University Minister


Many of you have seen the news about events within United Methodism. (If not, you can find a summary here, and an aftermath article here,

To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I was part of our judicatory’s (Great Plains Conference) delegation. I can tell you we fought as hard as we could for a different outcome. Whether this decision has any effect on United Methodist-related institutions of higher education is yet to be seen.

What I can say is that my approach to ministry and life in the NWU community will remain the same. I will still advocate for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and 教师. My office will still be a safe place for all who are in need of joy, encouragement and hope. After all, no legislation will take away the fact that all of us are of sacred worth. The better we live together, the better our glance at the face of God.

I know this decision by the United Methodist Church is very hurtful. As a cisgender, heterosexual man who is an advocate, it hurts me. I cannot begin to understand the hurt that members of the LGBTQ+ community must feel in a moment like this. I do know that I’m not done working with you in our struggle for equal rights everywhere, 包括教会.

The doors of my office are always open for prayer and conversation. 愿上帝的爱, which surpasses all understanding, be perfected in us as we seek a better world for all.